Great Find: Mossie Handmade

I love a great hand-made product, and because I used to make felt mobiles myself for three years with my business Asherlove Felt (now closed), I have a deep appreciation for the lovely creations at Mossie Handmade. Beautiful bespoke decor for nursery or baby room, Mossie handmade is quality, hand-made beauty. If you are a … Continue reading Great Find: Mossie Handmade


Get to know me: Wk 3

So we've covered the "nutshell" of my life, the BIG lessons and so onto some of the soppy stuff 😉 How did I meet my amazing hubby and how did he manage to convince this hardened "man hater" to soften up and try again? I worked for a photographic studio in Humansdorp as a photographer/office … Continue reading Get to know me: Wk 3