So what now?

Tuesday has brought with it more heavy news and after the passing of one friend yesterday, this morning my other friend is on life support. A young wife and mother.  So the question flies in your face, what now? What do you do, what don’t you do, how do you respond to this kind of potentially stalling news?

You pray. In light of my own wallowing.

You pray in your head, you pray out loud, you pray in tongues.  Not just for the sick and their families but you also pray yourself and your family, and not for the reason you think.  The enemy would LOVE nothing more than to derail you, to push you back and knock you over so you cannot be effective, he would love it if you sat back drowning in sorrow for something that no-body, except God himself knows about.

So pray.

Get off your sofa, pull up your spiritual socks and get on your knees in your heart.  Trust God that immeasurable things can happen, that no matter what happens, we praise and glorify our King, let the sorrow create unity, in our hearts and with each other.
We don’t have the answers, we will never know the outcome till it comes.

So pray. Encourage yourself in the Lord.



It would seem that in my Monday confusion I accidentally posted an unfinished post.


I’m sorry! I was busy putting down some thoughts on my PC (I usually work via my phone) and it turns out buttons are in different spots and I clicked publish before I realised what had happened.

So sorry for the confusing post, it has been removed.

Moving on now.

Dishwasher love.

I have been patiently, and not so patiently, waiting for this moment for quite some time.  Since we got married five years ago (that’s a long time!) We’ve always said we’d get a dishwasher at some point. Life, business and three kids later, we FINALLY got one! I’ve been happy dancing all weekend.

All weekend.

Unpacking my machine of glory this evening and I’ve realised that my dishes are cleaner than they’ve ever been.  The spoons are shiny, the glasses are like crystal and my cutting boards have never been so hygenic.  I know, I might be taking the praise a little far, but this is truly a momentous event.

The last time I had one was ten years ago, yup, ten whole years of hand washing in between.

Can you tell I’m in love? It’s never too late to have dreams come true, even a ren year wait!  So happy anniversary to us, and happy dishwashing in our future! 

Working mom, hero.

I honestly don’t know how you ladies do it.  Going to work every day, most of you full day, and having to leave your precious little ones in someone elses care.  I work from home, so my three month old is always within arms length, but for the last few days I’ve been teaching a course out of home and I’m finished! Finished emotionally, want to rush home afterwards to see my little boy, can’t wait to cuddle him, and I’ve only been gone for four hours a day! Praise God for a wonderful, super capable nanny who makes it possible for me to work at all.

How do you brave, hardworking, super organised mamas do it without going crazy?!

It’s been a momentous task getting everyone ready for their day before I have to leave at 7:45, toddler to school, baby ready for nanny, bottles prepped (remember the “we stopped breastfeeding” post).  It has been a Herculean effort just keeping the ship going and it’s only for a miniscule three days, I will forever stand in awe of the mamas who do this routine every day of the week, every week if the year.  I’m sure some of you love it, the working, your job, your career, but I’m also pretty sure some of you hate it too.  I just want to say to all of you, respect, I understand that the working mom often takes a lot of flak for her choice, but it’s not an easy one and we all have choices we’ve had to stick it to the world with, but working mamas, you guys are my heros.  You work hard, you make sure your kids have what they need, you love them and provide for them and in turn they get to see a strong, capable woman making her way in a tough world, learning to persevere and work for their dreams just by watching you.

You are inspiring, you are strong and I salute you.
Image: Impact Studio 

Let’s talk about monkeys.

So my son got a taste of real monkeys recently.  We took a day trip out to Monkeyland near Plett, and had so much fun! Stopping for roadtrip coffee at Storms River bridge and having a late brekkie on the monkeyland deck with monkeys running around in the trees.

Cal has a book called “wheels on the bus” and the story isn’t the conventional one, each page the song takes you through various animals doing different things, one particular page is “lemurs like to leap in a dancing troup”, and so when we saw an ACTUAL lemur, his face was priceless! Then afterwards it was “lemurs like to leap in a dancing troup” every two minutes.  

So freaking cute.

I was amazed how he recalled such a complicated sentence, with words he would only hear in that book, and be able to recite it so perfectly.  It just goes to show, they retain more than we think, and will recall it at precisely the right moment.

Monkeyland gets my vote for awesome places to visit, and it was just far enough to feel “away” but not too long a drive with small kids.  

Bonus is they slept all the way home.

Friday Fun.

My nails weren’t meant to be pink, they were meant to be red…but a certain two year old accidentally dropped my brand new bottle of red on the tiles WHILE I WAS BUSY PAITING THE SECOND COAT.

So, we had to start again, and go with pink, cause well, red was all over the tiles.

Needless to say part of my birthday gift from my boys was a new bottle of red nail polish.  How their father managed to remember which one to get is beyond me, but I’m all stocked up and good to go.

The birthday was surprisingly upbeat this year, I don’t have ridiculous expectations, but a gift is required. I like to open a present on my birthday, in my bed with my family, it’s tradition. My hubby took me out for breakfast, sans kids, and I have a shopping trip in the not too distant future.  It was a lovely busy day and ended with dinner with my bests.

Not a bad way to celebrate 38, I think.


That saying, “you don’t know whether you’re coming or going”? That’s pretty much me right now.  Not in a bad, disoriented way, but more in a stuff is just starting and running and I’m having to trot along beside it all to keep up.  

This is a good thing.

Going back to work for a lot of moms is challenging at the best of times, and there are quite a large percentage of mamas who don’t have a choice when or if they go back, I am so very lucky.  I work for myself, and this meant that I could decide when I’d start again, I just wasn’t quite bargaining on everything taking off so quicky and so I am now thrust back into working a little sooner than I would have liked.

Shame. No, not shame, this is awesome.  It means my businesses are thriving, it means my livelihood is securing it’s spot and means that those months of maternity leave and having a good old re-think about my work is paying off. 

I just have to keep up with the momentum, stay focused, caffeinated, and I’m sure I’ll be okay, I think!