Pre work, work.

So my online felt mobile business, Asherlove Felt, is due to re-open June 1st.  I thought I’d take May and slowly get the new range samples ready and start a bit of marketing to get folk excited that we were opening again, and then it exploded!

I thought I’d be able to ease back into the working life, but it would seem this is not the case.  I already have orders that need to get finished, the new samples that are busy being made, and a business mentoring support group that pushes me to do better, be better and expand my business.

So we’re adding products.

Yup, you heard me, as if I don’t have enough on my plate, I’ve taken up the challenge and am pushing my little business into overdrive for the nect few months, bye bye Netflix, bye bye photo-a-day entertainment, bye bye mooching in coffee shops with nothing to do, this mama’s got work to do!  

So watch this space for more on the Work at Home Mom life!


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