Food, photos and passing it on.

I’ve had a love of beautiful images from when I was a kid, sitting in my dad’s design agency in the 80’s and 90’s browsing Tony Stone stock image catalogues. So it’s no wonder as a food photographer I am obsessed with the perfect image, capturing yummy food at it’s best with gorgeous light and balanced styling.  

My other “boat floater” is teaching, so as I’ve aged a little, I have realised that to keep my years of photography experience and technical knowledge to myself wouldn’t be helping me or anyone else and then the whole “passing it on” idea would die a slow sad death.

So I decided to pass it on.

I now host workshops for the general public, not just chef students needing to learn the ins and outs of that side of their industry.  It’s for the average person who loves a great image, food and coffee and wants to translate that into something visually appealing.  Not only doI get to help some avid photographers I get to give out of my wealth of experience and help others improve their images.  Hey, I’m by no means the best of the best, but I have almost ten years experience in various photography genre’s, and I am passionate about food, well photographed food and helping people take awesome shots of their food.  My pet peeves include horrible photos used in marketing and advertising as well as amateur design.  So my philosophy is, don’t get mad at what’s out there, help make it better, make yourself available, teach, assist and help others improve their game so we can all enjoy lovely images like the one’s in the Tony Stone catalogues.

A night out and a glass of wine.

It’s amazing what an evening out can do.  Especially when you realise the last time you went out with your husband, alone, was over a year ago!  It’s been a busy few weeks and the blog has been neglected a little, but there is now lots to say, sitting across from my handsome enjoying some lovely red wine and good food we got to talk, laugh and generally be “us” again.  He’s inspired me with some blog post ideas and I think we only managed to talk about the kids once the entire evening.

We were at The Mills Academy chef students exam night in Jeffreys Bay.  This is the first time these students are serving guests a seven course meal after studying for almost two years, it was a treat.  From canapes to soup, fresh baked ciabatta and lamb shank, beautiful choux pastry and macaron topped genoise sponge, it was a taste sensation.  Congratulations to the two students who cooked for us, can’t wait to see what you produce at your final exam next month!

There was a great deal of speculation as to wether the nanny had managed to put the kids to sleep or not and what kind of carnage would be waiting for us as home.  We come home and they are ALL asleep.  I know I say all as if I have seven kids, but it feels like that sometimes.  Our two precious nuggets were asleep, a miracle, it will snow, I was speechless.  So not only did mom and dad get to dress up, go out, eat beautiful food, have a peaceful glass of wine and adult conversation, but we also got the added bonus of not having to do bedtime – endless patience, yoyos, stories, negotiating etc.

I feel good, even at 05:00 in the morning, I feel rested.  Like the break fairy just cut me some slack.


God bless my nanny, she’s amazing!


I’ve been quiet.  I know.

Haven’t had much inspiration for writing this last week.  It’s been a “deep” week.  You know, when you have to dig deep in yourself to just function normally, chin up, keep going etc.

So hopefully soon, now that the air is filled with miraculous recoveries and lists being ticked, I’m sure I’ll have something to say soon 😉