Pool of drool.

Can we talk about the drool for a second? How much drool can one baby make!?!? I mean seriously, those cutesy cotton bandana bibs don’t help at all! It’s been about two weeks now that we’ve been drowning in gob, no literally, drowning. I leave him sitting on the play mat in the lounge and when I come back I have to use a kayak just to get to him!  His teeth have only j-u-s-t started to cut yesterday, but we’ve had two weeks of six (read millions) bibs a day, four changes of clothes, cause useless bibs mean wet clothes, and that is not including my shirt sleeves that get drenched with gob whenever I pick him up.

Gob for days.

I do remember having similar thoughts with my eldest, but I seem to have “mommy brained” it out of my memory.  Bad thing cause can you say “under-prepared”? Also, this little man is not small and has managed to outgrow his 6-12 months everything and is now wearing 12-18 months, he’s seven months old. Yup, I make gargantuan babies.

So if you see a flare up over my house, it’s just me calling in for back-up cause my kayak probably sunk and a person can only tread gob for so long.


Age and the season of weird.

Being a mom is challenging, as I’m sure every mother under the sun will agree.  Being an older mom is even more challenging, and not for the reason you think. I’m a good ten years older than my mommy counterparts, and yes, I’m not as energetic or physically capable but that’s not the hard part.  The hard part is being alone.  

When all your peers (in age) have older kids that are in primary or even high school, and you have a toddler and a new born, the timing is never good.  Bedtime is smack in the middle of what would be your average “go out and have fun” time.  Your sleep is precious and so once the kids are asleep your ability to add another thing to the evening is near impossible.  It’s especially hard if you’re a working mom, cause now every spare minute is spent preparing for the next day and trying to get as much time in with your kids means that weekend family time is precious and crucial to everyone’s survival.

So what do I do now? How do I navigate this season of seemingly “forced” isolation?  So far not much, with the baby up at 5am and the toddler in his cranky “threenager” stage I will admit that I haven’t had three minutes to asess my life and it’s empty friend corner till a few weeks ago.  So the answer is coming slowly, as with most revelations these days.  When I find a spare ten minutes, and have the energy to ponder life, some things are very clear.  

Don’t stay isolated.  

Keep connected somehow.  So mommy group every week is crucial. Needed.  Essential.  

As far as the rest goes, like going to church or get-togethers, they will have to fit in when they fit in.  I apologise to my friends who don’t get to see me, my season is extreme and completely overwhelming, but I’m learning how to navigate through it, and I’m sure I’ll come out the other side sooner or later.

Hair Magician

Believe it or not, I am quite fussy about how my hair looks.  It’s colour and cut, i’m not really worried about styling as my curl doesn’t lend itself to anything without hours of effort and lets be real here, I aint got time for that.  So a good cut to show of the curl and great colour to cover the grey is all i’m after.  I’ve had a couple of hits and misses over the years and now that i’m 38 years old (eeep!) it’s getting more difficult to find a blonde colour that doesn’t make me look mutton dressed as lamb, until yesterday.

Enter The Hair Salon and a magician named Cindy.  A quick five minute consult and we went through all my woes and fears of being older, not wanting to be a brassy blonde, not liking the idea of high maintenance and how my hair had turned to straw with pregnancy, also the box dye episode to get some sanity etc…and she and the owner of the salon, Jean, came up with a wonderful solution.  Highlights spread throughout the head and then a toner in a ash blonde.

They managed to get the foils, toner, treatment, cut and dry within three hours – amazing – and I have never seen my hair look more natural since I started colouring it 20 years ago!  I am truly astounded.  It’s not a “hey look at me” kind of colour, but it’s like she read my mind, it’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! I am in love with it, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love that it’s low maintenance (only need to touch up every three months) and it’s natural looking, so I don’t look like a bottle blonde and bonus, my hubby LOVES it – growl. So I am sorted.