Pool of drool.

Can we talk about the drool for a second? How much drool can one baby make!?!? I mean seriously, those cutesy cotton bandana bibs don’t help at all! It’s been about two weeks now that we’ve been drowning in gob, no literally, drowning. I leave him sitting on the play mat in the lounge and when I come back I have to use a kayak just to get to him!  His teeth have only j-u-s-t started to cut yesterday, but we’ve had two weeks of six (read millions) bibs a day, four changes of clothes, cause useless bibs mean wet clothes, and that is not including my shirt sleeves that get drenched with gob whenever I pick him up.

Gob for days.

I do remember having similar thoughts with my eldest, but I seem to have “mommy brained” it out of my memory.  Bad thing cause can you say “under-prepared”? Also, this little man is not small and has managed to outgrow his 6-12 months everything and is now wearing 12-18 months, he’s seven months old. Yup, I make gargantuan babies.

So if you see a flare up over my house, it’s just me calling in for back-up cause my kayak probably sunk and a person can only tread gob for so long.


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