Great Finds: We Are Jona

The first of many GREAT FINDS to happen on the blog, We Are Jona.  This gorgeous, South African fashion clothing brand is run by my friend, and is pure simplicity at it's best! They have an online store, also stocked in a few boutique salons in our area.  Their style is simple, minimal and outlasting.  … Continue reading Great Finds: We Are Jona


Toy storage round up.

Okay, so after my post about keeping the house tidy with small kids, I realised that my storage isn't very glam.  So I've done a round-up of some great toy storage from around the web that you can buy and have delivered to anywhere in the country (this is because I live in the middle of nowhere and this is a key feature when purchasing online for me).

Can we talk about depression for a minute.

There have been a few high profile depression related deaths in the past week that have made me, once again, feel the need to speak out on this subject. I was at my doctor this morning for a follow up on my depression, my progress mentally and to get a new script for my much needed medication. I am not ashamed to say I have depression, but then I have walked a long road with it over the past four years.  Starting with Post Natal Depression after each of my babies and now with full blown depression and on a long term medication for the past six months.